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The 6th CHIC/Mathis Song!

Johnny MathisPosted by pocat 2009-05-01 12:43
Only two more to go... The 6th song from the unreleased Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers' album production, for the CHIC Organization Ltd., of Johnny Mathis - "I Love My Lady" is the song "Judy". It's a composition which originated from Bernard Edwards, and is imho a wonderful CHIC standard... I really don't know what sets me off but I feel really happy when I hear this song, and it's not the usual happy rush I always get when I hear something new from CHIC, it's kinda' an extra layer of happiness? smiley

As before, this came from an anonymous benefactor. We've had to agree to a shorter clip than usual. Many thanks from us to this generous person!

Let's hope Andy Zax manages to persuade the powers that be to release this gem of an album, because so far, 6 songs (of 8) in, there are no duds on the album. Nowadays, the record co's should be so lucky to have that perfect a product. So com'on release it already!

Please comment on the track!

Listen to "Judy"

Our stellar Simon Parr have transcribed the lyrics for us GO!

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Posted by mystic rock 2010-09-09 01:39

please please please please please please please please please please please please please etc etc etc. This is the sound of one of the greatest bands of all-time absolutely ON FIRE. Come on johnny, let it go - it won't ruin your rep anymore, in fact it will make you more new fans than you've made in years.

Posted by Chuck 2009-05-09 14:50

The six songs are all great. This should have been released in 1981. I hope the box set is out soon!

Posted by Alex 2009-05-07 01:37

1981 was a year of fabulous projects: "Fantasy" of FANTASY (Norma Jean Wright and Luci Martin on background vocals and Norma Jean Wright on lead vocal of "Too Much Too Soon"), "The Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Band " of THE BROOKLYN, BRONX AND QUEENS BAND (Diva Gray, Luther Vandross and Fonzi Thornton on background vocals), "Miracles" of CHANGE (Diva Gray, Fonzi Thornton, Luther Vandross and Ullanda McCullough on background vocals and Diva Gray on lead vocals), "Frostbite" of FONZI THORNTON (still not heard, but without any doubt, should be fabulous), "KooKoo" of DEBBIE HARRY, "Take It Off" of CHIC, but by what I have heard from November 2008 until today, the most incredible project from 1981 called "I Love My Lady" of JOHNNY MATHIS, left some doubt?

Posted by Rj Samuels 2009-05-06 00:00

Oh yea, this is definitely a Bernard Edwards track. It is very reminiscent of 'What about me' and '26'. I can just imagine Bernard doing the vocal on the demo for Mathis to croon over.

Posted by FrenCHIC 2009-05-04 14:57

The Fonzi album was named "Frostbite" and according to tracks samples I have soon once heard it sounds more pop than the Mathis album. My feeling is it's more close to the Sheila LP.

Posted by Alex 2009-05-04 01:17

FrenCHIC, thanks for the news, but only 3 tracks by Fonzi Thornton in the Chic Prod. Boxset, I really was very disappointed, although the track "I Work For A Livin'" is exceptional, and an extended version is a magnificent dream. The album "Don't Throw My Love Away" from Fonzi Thornton had to be in Chic Prod. Boxset this way, to the joy of all fans: FONZI THORNTON - "Don't Throw My Love Away" [Deluxe Edition]: 01) Don't Throw My Love Away [1981 Demo Version] 02) Frostbite [1981 Demo Version] 03) Hold It [1981 Demo Version] 04) I Can Love [1981 Demo Version] 05) I'll Change My Game [1981 Demo Version] 06) I Work For A Livin' [1981 Demo Version] 07) Riding [1981 Demo Version] 08) Who Me? [1981 Demo Version] Bonus Tracks: 09) I Work For A Livin' [1982 "Soup For One" Version] 10) Riding [1982 "Soup For One" Version] 11) I Work For A Livin' [1982 Extended "Soup For One" Version] 12) The Leader [1983 "The Leader" Album Version] 13) Perfect Lover [1983 "The Leader" Album Version] / Tracks 01-11: Written, Arranged, Conducted and Produced by NILE RODGERS and BERNARD EDWARDS for the CHIC ORGANIZATION LTD. / Tracks 12-13: Arranged (Rhythm) by NILE RODGERS and BERNARD EDWARDS / Guitar by NILE RODGERS / Bass by BERNARD EDWARDS / Written and Produced by FONZI THORNTON and ROBERT WRIGHT

Posted by FrenCHIC 2009-05-03 16:14

Judy is another hit ! A powerfull Rythm and Blues one, we feel the rock touch of Bernard.

In addition of 3 unreleased Johnny Mathis, the CHIC Prod. boxset may also include 3 Fonzi tracks (2 unrealesed + an extended version of "I work for a living").

Posted by pocat 2009-05-03 11:36

Alex, thanks for the news, I didn't know that there was demos from other artists projects too. Interesting! I must bring out my soup vhs to listen to the intro.

Posted by Alex 2009-05-02 21:54

Pocat, you are right about the demos of Fonzi Thornton ("Don't Throw My Love Away", "Frostbite", "Hold It", "I Can Love", "I'll Change My Game", "I Work For A Livin'", "Riding" and "Who Me?"), but according to the interview given by the Nile Rodgers in July 2005 in Montreux Jazz Conference, among the 16 demos found by Fonzi, there are demos of Johnny Mathis, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross and Fonzi Thornton. In my opinion, should be a 2 or 3 demos of Johnny Mathis, of course the instrumental demo of "Love And Be Loved" (sent to the Shapeshifters, which resulted in the song "Sensitivity" in 2006) and perhaps 2 more demos sung by Fonzi. As for the demos of Sister Sledge and Diana Ross, I have no idea, maybe Diana is the demo of "I Got Protection" that was offered to her, but not entered the album "Diana," appearing later in the album "Real People" of Chic. Regarding the rest of the demos, are perhaps the 2 instrumental of "Spacer" and perhaps some of the film "Soup For One". Regarding the movie "Soup For One", as I would like the Chic Boxset had a version of "Soup For One" the opening of the film, it is slower than all other versions we know, all are amazing, but this version slower to be a treasure.

Posted by pocat 2009-05-02 13:41

I missed that post Luc, sorry Believer. But that's great, be sure to catch Ralph Tee's show if you wish to hear more of "Judy".

Alex, as far as I know, of the 16 demo's Fonzi found are 8 from his own album:

and the remaining 8 are the Johnny Mathis album.

The perfect (CHIC) storm for us would be this:

1. The CHIC box is released.

2. One month later the Mathis album is released.

3. One month later the Fonzi album is released.

4. One month later the new CHIC album is released.

5. One month later a CHIC Organization video clip compilation is released.

That would, imho, be super!

Posted by Luc 2009-05-02 12:11

I take the liberty to copy here the post Believer placed on the forum 3 days ago:

"Ralph Tee is going to replay "Judy" on JazzFM next sunday, 3rd May!!"

Thanks for the info, Believer!

I add that Ralph Tee is airing its program from 4pm to 7pm (UK time). Enjoy!

Posted by Alex 2009-05-01 18:29

Are you 100% sure pocat, great happiness which penetrates deeply in the brain and soul, I must save money to buy a Chic Boxset and Chic Organization Boxset. In 2003 I experienced a similar joy when I bought the CD of Diana Ross (Diana Deluxe Edition) and I heard the wonderful versions by Chic (Original Chic Mix) and 2005 until today, that happiness increases every year: another lost album produced by Chic (Fonzi), 16 demos found by Fonzi, Chic Boxset, Chic live with the original formation (Las Vegas - 1979), the great lost album "I Love My Lady" in its original version (the Chic Organization along with the incredible voice of Johnny Mathis) and to close with key of gold, a remarkable Chic Organization Boxset, we are being taken to paradise. We hope the new album since 2001, but considering everything that is happening, this delay was very important, because maybe we would not have so much rare jewel.