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Russ Terrana In The Motown Studio in LA remixing "diana" (1980)

CHIC Organization ProductionsPosted by pocat 2016-10-28 15:36

A clip from CNN Los Angeles in 1980, in which Russ Terrana, Motown's engineer, talks about a new computer that helps in the mixing of the CHIC produced Diana Ross album "diana" (1980).

Please check out 01:37 to listen to CHIC's drummer, Tony Thompson and CHIC's bass player, Bernard Edwards going at it. Wouldn't that be a great intro for, for instance, a Dimitri From Paris remix, provided he could get his hands on the master tapes. He did such a good job on the remixes on the CHIC Box in 2010.

Thanks to Rick Bayz for finding this clip.


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Posted by FrenCHIC 2016-10-31 12:09

What a great find my friend !

At 1:38 you're right : the sound of Tony drums would be incredible with this mix.
It sounds like when he played with The Power Station 5 years later.
This one, Russ Teranna should have kept it !!

Since it's been released I could'nt listen to another one than the Original CHIC Mix of Diana.
Some tracks are much better with the CHIC Mix (Tenderness with it's musical break , Friend to Friend,...).