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Aretha Franklin's Version On Why She Did Not Record "Upside Down"

CHIC Organization ProductionsPosted by pocat 2015-08-01 12:54

On a recent episode of the US talk show "The Talk" Aretha Franklin again re-iterates her version of why she did not get to record "Upside Down". posted a news item about the very same thing back in 2000:

"(Stockholm 10/5 00) In a recent Swedish Television interview Aretha Franklin revealed that, during her years at Motown, she was offered to be produced by Nile and Nard. But she turned down the offer and Diana Ross wound up with the song "Upside Down" instead. Aretha said; I like disco and many disco artists, but I am not a disco artist!"

Nile Rodgers have further expanded on the issue in Daryl Easlea's CHIC bible "Everybody Dance CHIC And The Politics Of Disco":

""We never wrote anything for her,' Rodgers remembered. "We had one meeting with her and we were so turned off, we couldn't believe that Aretha wanted to do disco. Bernard and I were sitting in the Queen Of Soul's house, this beautiful mansion in Los Angeles and she was singing, "I'm going to be the only star tonight down at the disco." .../../... (Nile Rodgers) 'We were not going to go down in history as the producers of Aretha Franklin's disco record!"" (Easlea p. 190-191)

You judge by yourself which version is the correct one... We here at of course are betting on Nile's.


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Posted by FrenCHIC 2015-08-02 10:29

During the 80's Aretha worked and was produced by Luther Vandross or Narada Michael Walden who were very closed and inspired by Chic.