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The CHIC OrganizationPosted by pocat 2013-07-30 13:30

The UK Magazine Mojo is reviewing the CHIC box vol. I, which has recently been released in the UK, together with the latest CHIC Organization hit compilation, in September's issue. The article also includes a short interview with Nile Rodgers done by Geoff Brown a long time CHIC afficionado. In that interview Nile hints at a CHIC box vol II. Let's hope that will come to fruition soon.

Geoff Brown: "Savoir Faire is Vol. 1 How many will there be?"
Nile Rodgers: ""I don't have a finite number in mind...."

This news comes courtesy of long-time collaborator Glen Russell, thank you Glen!


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Posted by FrenCHIC 2013-08-10 12:42

In Paris last month during a master class, Nile said he'll release CHIC Classic (between 1977 & 1984) songs never heard maybe in a CHIC Box Set II.
Warner France boss (who released CHIC Box Set I while nobody talked about CHIC) was just near me and he said to me it was just like Nile officially announced the CHIC Box Set II.
With this king of revival (due in large part to the Nile's Daft Punk collaboration) CHIC & Nile Rodgers are more bankable again.
It is much easier now to consider releasing a CHIC Box II.