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The 5th CHIC/Mathis Song!

Johnny MathisPosted by pocat 2009-04-19 14:28
Today Andy Zax is presenting the CHIC produced Johnny Mathis album "I Love My Lady" from 1981, at the Experience Music Project Center in Seattle WA. In anticipation of what we might hear from this event (to be released or not to be released, that is the questionsmiley) we here at are presenting yet another track from that legendary, and highly sought after unreleased project.

This time we have the opportunity of letting you hear, a clip of, one of Nile Rodgers favorite tracks from the Mathis album, "It's Alright To Love Me" a.k.a. "Go With The Flow". Nile had this to say to our own Simon Parr in 2003, He: "...thought it was a great album and a track off it called "Go With The Flow" was one of their best..."

The track starts out with a great piano part played by Rob Sabino, which then echoes throughout the track. Rob Sabino's play is amazing on this track.

You have a great interplay between Nile and Bernard Edwards (very muscular bass) in the break. The CHIC choir is extraordinary as usual. My one criticism is that the track is too short at only 4M20S, imho it would have benefitted by another 2M or so of track time.

As usual we've had to agree to only post a short clip, the benefactor wishes to be anonymous...(you all know the drill by now). However we here at thank you for your immense generosity in helping us to let the faithful CHIC fans hear this gem.

Listen to "It's Alright To Love Me" (aka "Go With The Flow")

And as usual the, transcribed by Simon Parr, lyrics are now up GO!

Please leave your comments on the track!

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