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HOT NEWS! New CHIC Album Release Date And New CHIC Album Direction!

CHICPosted by pocat 2016-05-07 00:06

In an interview, published today on the German site, Nile Rodgers says that the hotly awaited new CHIC album "It's About Time" will not be released until the fall of 2016, Nile says: "I hope..", not as previously thought in the middle of summer.

And, and this is the big surprise, that album will be a pure CHIC album, it will NOT feature any of the collaborations with other artists such as Elton John, or even Daft Punk, that have caused much sensation in the music press the last couple of years.

The reason for this is given as:(google translated, and somewhat edited to make sense)

"...even though I enjoy working with Avicii and consider him one of the best tune writers, I know. And of course I admire Daft Punk. I initially actually thought about whether I should invite them to the studio. But then I realized that it is my responsibility to keep this CHIC material as pure as possible."

As a CHIC fan I must agree fully with that. After announcing all these collaborations for the upcoming album, I had doubts that this album would really feel like a CHIC album? I felt that he should split these projects in two, and release a pure CHIC album, and then release a Nile Rodgers solo album with the collaborations. And now this imo good news comes out. However the interview does not say how he will use the collaborations, but why not as a Nile Rodgers solo?

It is clear that CHIC is very important to Nile, when the interviewer asks him why he did not go the solo route, but instead choose to play under the CHIC banner. Nile Rodgers says among other things: (google translated and somewhat edited to make sense)

"The fact that I started again under the name CHIC, also has to do with the fact that I want to convey a message. Because in America very few black bands have a record deal. Actually, only the Roots comes to my mind. Otherwise, there's a heavy metal group called "Unlocking The Truth", which consists of small children, who can play very well. And "TV On The Radio", another rock band. But there are no R&B groups with a record deal. That is an absurdity. And that's why I want the current focus... Quite apart from this, I do not see myself as a star."

Nile goes on, talking about the speculations going on in the press and on the net, about all these collaborations..

"I know. And that is because I'm sometimes very impulsive in responding [to questions (?)], because I'm just excited. But I really must apologize."

There's a lot more in this interview so please get over there and read the entire thing.

Thank you very much to long time CHIC fan and also longtime contributor Alchemyst, for this news.


Read the interview in original German GO!
Read the interview in English (Google translated) GO!

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