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Believer (1893) - Details about the lead vocals

CHICPosted by FrenCHIC 2016-04-17 16:36

Thank's to the CHIC Lady Alfa Anderson smiley for giving us some details about the lead vocals on the 1983 CHIC LP Believer.

Side One

BELIEVER Lead Vocals: Alfa Anderson & Luci Martin.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL Lead Vocals: Alfa Anderson & Luci Martin.
TAKE A CLOSER LOOK Lead Vocal: Luci Martin.
GIVE ME THE LOVIN’ Lead Vocal: Alfa Anderson.

Side Two

SHOW ME YOUR LIGHT Lead Vocal: Alfa Anderson & Luci Martin.
IN LOVE WITH MUSIC Lead Vocal: Alfa Anderson.
PARTY EVERYBODY Lead Vocal: Nile Rodgers.

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