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Debbie Harry & James White (Chance) & The Blacks - Good Times (Live At Hurrah Club 1980)

CHIC EmulatorsPosted by pocat 2016-01-23 12:07

A video, further accentuating the impact of CHIC's "Good Times", have surfaced on Youtube. The clip features Debbie Harry singing a live jam version of "Good Times" together with jazz/new wave/punk artist James White (James Chance) and his then band's current incarnation "The Blacks" at the iconic new wave/punk club Hurrah in New York City in 1980. The film is by Libin+Cameron.

We've had the CHIC, Blondie & Fab Five Freddie gig in Bonds Club doing "Good Times/Rappers Delight" in 1981, surface as audio tapes, and now the above. Is it too much to hope for to have a clip (audio or video) of CHIC, The Clash & Blondie gigging together at Bonds too, in 80/81? Please please please!

Thanks to Graham Lewis for this find!


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