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Tom Ford And Lady Gaga Wants Your Love!

CHIC EmulatorsPosted by pocat 2015-10-02 19:05

A Lady Gaga cover of CHIC's hit "I Want Your Love," and the Lady herself, feature heavily in the Tom Ford fashion promo of his women's wear spring 2016 collection. can not imagine a better pairing to marry the utter elegance and funkster class of CHIC's song with the style of Tom Ford and the iconic artist Lady Gaga.

If you listen closely to the first few seconds of the Tom Ford promo, you can also hear, what sounds like, Dimitri from Paris' mix of the CHIC written and produced Norma Jean Wright hit "Saturday". Since the promo features evening and party wear, and are being released on a Friday, what can be more perfect than making a subtle suggestion about the coming party evening of Saturday.

Here's Dimitri from Paris's Mix of Norma Jean Wright's "Saturday:

Here's CHIC's original of "I Want Your Love":


Tom Ford official site GO!
Lady Gaga Official site GO!

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