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Alfa Anderson - Former Lady of CHIC (new single)

Alfa AndersonPosted by FrenCHIC 2013-07-06 17:30

New single Former Lady of CHIC composed by her sons & produced by his husband.

Alfa Anderson : "My single, Former Lady of Chic , is the brainchild of my sons Eluriah and Taurie Barfield aka The Orkastrator. Eluriah noticed that whenever classic Chic songs would play on the radio at his workplace, clients would sing along. Some would even dance in the aisles. When he asked if they liked that music, the answer would always be, "yes". Most of them shared personal stories about how the music of Chic impacted their lives. That's when inspiration struck. One day they came to me with a proposal. We've written the perfect song for you and we'd like to produce it. It's called Former Lady of Chic. It documents your contribution to the music industry. When I heard the track and the chorus, I was hooked. Supported by their father (producer / composer) Tinkr Barfield who shares writing and production credits, we completed the track. Take a listen and let me know what you think."


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