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Nile Rodgers working with Etienne DAHO

Nile RodgersPosted by FrenCHIC 2013-03-06 18:35

French iconic pop singer Etienne DAHO has officially announced that Nile Rodgers will feature on his next new 10th album that 'll be releaded this fall. He said it'll be groovy & symphonic.
Nile posted my twitt about it.
More than 20 years ago Nile Rodgers was already approached by Etienne Daho to produced his 1991 LP Paris Ailleurs but It did'nt happen.

Saudade (that would have been produced by Nile Rodgers in 1991)

Week-end à Rome (his 1st great hit in 1984)

Des heures hindoues (one of the most beautifull song he wrote & sang)

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