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Sylver's Klara Church Gig

Sylver Logan SharpPosted by pocat 2012-10-08 16:22

Yesterday Sunday October 7th I attended a free church concert at Klara Church here in Stockholm featuring among others our own Sylver Logan Sharp.

Below is a clip from her solo performance. Unfortunately it is a bit shaky, I wasn't hung-over or anything like that smiley , I used a zoom objective that makes the image shaky if the cam is handheld, which mine was. Sylver sang a track from her latest album "Place To Begin" called "Don't Give Up (On You)". Near the end of the performance Sylver's microphone stops functioning, but she gives a great performance despite this.

Sylver Logan Sharp will also perform att the legendary jazz club Fasching here in Stockholm this coming saturday oct. 13th.


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