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TM Network - 1989 works prod. by Nile Rodgers

Nile RodgersPosted by FrenCHIC 2011-06-19 21:12

In 1989 Nile Rodgers produced two tracks Come On Everybody and Come On Let's Dance released as a single for japanese pop-rock band TM Network .
They appear on the LP Dress on wich Bernard Edwards also produced another very good single (see post on Bernard Edwards).

There are great differences between Nile's (dance oriented) and Nard's (rock oriented) productions.

TM Network - Come on everybody

Produced and Mixed by Nile Rodgers And Andres Levin
Guitar:Nile Rodgers
Synclavier Programming and Overdubs:Andres Levin

TM Network - Come on let's dance

Produced and Mixed by Nile Rodgers and Greg Smith
Synclavier Programming, Overdubs:Nile Rodgers and Greg Smith

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