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TM Network - Kiss you (Kiss Japan) 1989 prod. by Bernard Edwards

Bernard EdwardsPosted by FrenCHIC 2011-06-19 20:58

In 1989 Bernard Edwards produced the single Kiss You (Kiss Japan) for japanese pop-rock band TM Network .
It appears on the LP Dress on which Nile Rodgers also produced two tracks (see post on Nile Rodgers above).

It is very interesting to note the differences between Bernard's and Nile's productions at this time for the same band. Bernard work is more rock funk oriented (it's not a surprise for those familiar with Nard's solo productions) than Nile's work.
I must admit I prefer Bernard's production. It might be a "should have been a hit".

TM Network - Kiss you (kiss Japan)

Produced and Arranged by Bernard Edwards
Bass:Bernard Edwards
Drums:Alan Childs
Guitar:Eddie Martinez
Keyboards:Jeff Bova
Horns:Lenny Pickett on sax, Earl and Christopher on trumpet

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