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PAINT - Last Never Released Bernard Edwards Prod.

Bernard EdwardsPosted by FrenCHIC 2011-06-13 11:23

PAINT were (and maybe still is) a NYC rock band. According to PAINT they were the last production project of Bernard Edwards at the Power Station just before he passed away in 1996.

Paint talking about Bernard Edwards : "I had the honor of being in the very last band he was producing. We were called Paint and were tracking in studio A at the Power Station with him. The album was never completed because of his untimely death. Working with Bernard is something that I will hold close to my heart forever. "

"Ivan Walters Jr. son of Power Station studio head Ivan Walters Sr. invited pal and resident producer Bernard Edwards down to CBGB's to watch a band that he just started to manage. The band was Paint. Bernie liked them and wanted to produce their first album and score the band a record deal. It was Bernard's intention to study the demos and return to the Power Station to polish and redo the songs in order to capture a record deal. But unfortunately, Bernard passed away during a tour with his band CHIC in Tokyo."


Paint - Big Gun - Bernard Edwards - Rough Demo :
Paint - Eyes - Bernard Edwards - Rough Demo :

Paint - One Girl - Bernard Edwards - Rough Demo :


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